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We produce litho printed forms.

We are not a general printer. We are a forms producer. Our speciality is all description of forms on paper upto B2 size.

We are reliable and well established family business.

We have been in business producing forms for over 30 years.
Our philosophy is simple and enduring. We keep our overheads down and our productivity up and we supply a first class product for a second class price.
We own over 30 tons of industrial grade printing and finishing equipment. Everything that can be automated is automated
We do not run on debt or finance.
We have no mortgages and we do not rent.
We do not have a sales team because our product sells itself - all our staff are either "Customer Service" or "Production".

How we do business.

Our business model is intentionally designed to deliver a high quality product at a low price. We do not work for nothing because when companies do that they usually find themselves unable to provide the sustainable service required. However drawing on our own ongoing research and knowledge of our market we usually aim our prices in the lower 25% range. You could shop around and you may find cheaper, but you will struggle to find a cheaper supplier who is better.
This situation is not an accident - our business model enables us to do this.

On-site production capacity (A5 impressions per hour)

Print : 180,000 (cmyk and pantone)
Perforate : 96,000 (online and offline with crossperf)
Number : 82,000 (online rotary, offline rotary and pneumatic systems)
Collate : 80,000
We are capable of producing about 5 tons of print in a single day. We never do, but this significant capacity means you shouldn't find us "unable to cope".

Custom Printed NCR Books & Forms
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