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Environmental considerations.

All manufacturing involves an environmental impact. We actively minimise our environmental impact because it makes business sense to do so and because we also live in our environment.

  • All our plates are aluminium and so are recycled.
  • All paper is sourced from western mills. Paper making trees are grown as a sustainable crop. De-forestation does not occur.
  • All waste paper is sent for recycling.
  • All inks used are vegetable oil based and will decay naturally if released into the environment.
  • We use modern alcohol free printing techniques which consume greatly reduced levels of organic chemicals and allow us to run without energy intensive refrigeration systems.
  • We use the latest chemical free direct image (Thermal CTP) processless plates. Plates are developed on the press as they are used. Consequently there are no films, no chemicals, no water is consumed and there is no waste.
  • We utilise the latest D.C. drive systems with regenerative braking. This puts kinetic energy back into the grid as a machine brakes and so significantly reduces it's lifetime energy consumption.
  • All remaining incidental waste (tin cans, cleaning wipes, etc) is disposed of responsibly and almost all of it is recycled.
  • We employ high levels of building insulation and LED factory lighting.

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