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Are you a general printer - like my local printer?

No. We are a specialist forms producer.
We produce all description of forms on paper upto B2 size.
For example, all kinds of business forms, care plans, drug charts, parking tickets, weighbridge dockets, wallplanners, etc., etc..
If you need printed forms then you have found the right place.

Do you print digitally?

Yes and no. All our systems are digital up to the point where ink meets paper. For that we use high speed rotary litho presses. Litho is the cheapest, fastest and best quality method currently available for producing paper forms in quantities of 500 or more.
If this ever changes then we will change.

Will you design my form for free?

Yes. Obviously we have to set limits but unless you want something unusual you shouldn't have to pay for design at Caralan.

I prefer dealing with people. Do I have to order online?

No, you do not have to order online. We are people too.
Our website is merely a "front-end" to our company and it's facilities - you can access these just as easily via the telephone.
Irrespective of how you choose to place your order, personal service always happens anyway.

What's the difference between pads and books?

Pads: Sheets are gummed into a block and all sheets are "tear off".
Books: Sheets are perforated and wire stitched into a block leaving a stub when some or all the sheets are torn out.

What sort of forms do you produce?

Any litho printed form on flat sheet paper.
Max size : B2 (700mm x 500mm), Min size : none.
We produce a huge variety of forms: eg invoice books for businesses, large folded forms, medical forms, Sage stationery, analysis pads, parking tickets, etc, etc,
In fact almost anything you can think of that is a form.

Why would we buy forms that we could produce in-house on our laser?

Usually it's not worth your while. It ties up your resources, it often looks unprofessional and it's usually not cheaper.
Whereas we have economies of scale and 30 tons of professional equipment designed for this purpose.

What level of quality can I expect?

As good as money can buy at any price.
We can't actually remember when we last had a complaint about the quality of our forms products. There must have been some, but...

Do you give a guarantee?

Of course. If this concerns you then you should probably study our terms of business.
But really, we aren't here to offload garbage on customers and then disappear with the money.
That is not how a business survives for 30 plus years. On the rare occasion that a dispute does arise, unless someone is trying to take advantage or is being dishonest, we will normally err on the side of the customer.
Since our business is based on repeat business, sending an unhappy customer somewhere else is certainly not a situation we would ever be comfortable with.

Do you produce forms in colour?

Yes. However black on white or a single pantone colour is almost always cheaper. Since forms are a functional item there is usually no point in the expense of CMYK colour unless it serves a functional purpose. Where colour is needed black and pantone is often the best route.

Will I save money?

Almost certainly. Our business model is intentionally designed to deliver a high quality product at a low price.

Can I open a credit account?

No, we do not operate credit accounts.
Providing credit facilities forces our costs up.
All of our customers would then have to pay for some of our bigger customers to have credit facilities.

I can't find what I want on your website.

It's almost certain that we can produce what you need but if we can't we probably know another specialist who can.
Failing that we can probably make useful suggestions and seek a workaround.
We have 25 years of experience. Talk to us, we are here to help.

Are you passionate about forms?

No. That would be a bit strange. We are a professional, reliable and effective producer of printed forms.
If we were to claim to be "passionate" about any aspect of our business then we would say we are "Passionate about being the best at what we do".
As a customer that's really what you need from your supplier.

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