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  • All our work is printed on modern high speed litho presses.
  • All materials used are "market leader" branded products.
  • You can expect ease of use, robustness, reliability and durability.
  • We supply customers throughout the UK.
Paper/Materials :-
  • 80gsm carbonless Giroform NCR paper. Guaranteed 10 year image life.
  • 1200 micron rigid greyboard base.
  • 315gsm tinted card cover. (Manilla)
Standard NCR Paper Colours :-

2 Part: White/Yellow
3 Part: White/Yellow/Pink
4 Part: White/Blue/Yellow/Pink

Optional NCR Paper Colours (no extra charge) :-

Top: White (Tinted top sheet is available for a small extra charge.)
Middle: Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, White.
Bottom: Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, White.

Image/Print Quality :-

We print lithographically using direct digital image thermal metal plates. This means that print quality will always be of the highest professional standard.
Litho print doesn't fade, drop off or contact transfer on long term storage.

Binding :-

Unless otherwise specified, we bind all our NCR books, NCR pads and NCR sets at the top - this makes them equally suitable for both left and right handed users.
NCR Sets :-
All sheets are glued into individual sets consisting of one top sheet, one bottom sheet and any required middle sheets. Supplied loose in box. Suitable for hand writing and cut sheet impact printers.
NCR Pads :-
Each pad consists of 50 sets gummed together on a single edge with a card cover and heavy greyboard base. All sheets (top, middle, and bottom) are intended to be removed from the pad after use. Upon removal the card cover serves as an impression shield.
NCR Books :-
Each book consists of 50 sets wire stitched together on a single edge and covered by heavy binding tape. A card cover and heavy greyboard base provide protection and structure. Top & middle sheets are perforated to allow removal from the book, while the bottom sheets remain fixed in place. Impression shields are supplied loose in the box.

Crash Numbering :-

We normally crash number in red.
Collated sets are impact numbered. The top sheet will have a red number and subsequent sheets will have a carbonless NCR image number.

Impression Shields :-

Loose card impression shields are supplied where required. These should be placed below the set you are using in the pad/book to prevent the image being replicated on the unused sets below.

Wrap-round Impression Shields :-

At an extra cost, creased wrap round impression shields can be fixed in place to each one of your pads/books.

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