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All orders are accepted subject to these terms :
If you place an order with us you will be deemed to have agreed to the following terms. Caralan Forms is a trading style of Caralan Printers.

Our Guarantee :
Should we supply you with goods that are, due to error or omission on our part, unfit for purpose or that we agree are of a substandard quality then we will reprint the order and re-supply at our expense on return of all of the disputed job. Should we feel unable to do this then we reserve the right to refund any money you have paid and declare the contract null and void without penalty.
Return of goods shall be at your expense.

Our Quality Standards :
Should we supply you with work that through our fault is demonstrably inferior to either our normal quality standards or quality standards prevailing in the printing industry at a comparable price, then we will consider ourselves to have failed to meet minimum standards and you are entitled to a reprint or discount as you wish.

Proofs :
Proofs are supplied at our discretion or your request and must be approved by you in writing before printing can proceed. We will always supply proofs where we have been involved in artwork preparation.

Ordering :
We do not consider any communication between us to constitute an order until the required payment has been received.

Complaints and reprints :
We may refuse to reprint a job for free if you change the specification or artwork. In other words we will only offer a free reprint in order to correct our errors - not yours!

Content :
We cannot be expected to read and verify the truthfullnes, honesty and legality of any material we print for you and should the content of your job result in any court action or prosecution or liability of any kind then the responsibility is entirely yours and you agree to indemnify us fully should we incur any costs or damages in this respect.

Our right to refuse :
We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order or to reject any partially complete order without reason given.

Errors in your computer files :
Although we are always on the lookout for problems in your supplied artwork files, any such problems will always be your responsibility. We use industry standard systems to process your files and it is your responsiblity to ensure that your files give the results you expect when processed using such systems.

Limited Liability :
Under all circumstances the liability of Caralan Printers for any loss or damage incurred by you or any third party for whatever reason will be limited to the invoiced value of the goods only. We do not accept claims for consequential loss however caused and we expect you to verify that any goods we supply are suitable for your purpose before they are used.

Your right to cancel :
You can of course cancel any order you place with us at any time. However, once we have incurred expense we will invoice this amount and deduct these costs from any refund made.
If you wish to cancel an order please do so as soon as possible. Generic printed items can normally just be re-stocked. Custom/bespoke work cannot simply be "re-stocked" and work produced for you is never saleable to other customers - it just goes in the skip.

VAT Invoice :
We will supply a VAT invoice for work that has been completed.

Payment :
Our terms are payment with order unless we have specifically agreed otherwise in writing.
We will persue all instances of non-payment for the full amount invoiced plus any costs incurred in collection.
We won't invoice or ultimately require payment for work that hasn't been done or costs that haven't been incurred - see "Your right to cancel" above.

Colour :
Colour rendition will vary depending on the paper stock used. Slight colour variation throughout a print run is to be expected.
CMYK: We guarantee to match the colours as specified in your computer files. However, for us to be able to do this you must use professional standard design software (Quark, Indesign, Freehand, CorelDraw, etc) and your files must specify CMYK colour values. We do not consider colour profiles to be a very reliable means of specifying colour. We do not undertake to colour match to your printer or monitor or any other colour standard you may supply. Our colour matching should be considered to be of a "ballpark" standard only and is therefore unsuitable for applications requiring a stringent colour match.
PANTONE: Though we always produce a good match to specified pantone colours we do not guarantee to match to any particular swatch book other than our own. There will almost always be some variance between a pantone swatch and a litho print job.

Free Custom NCR Design and Cancellation:
We undertake this work on the understanding that there is at least one NCR print order.
Should you cancel your first order we reserve the right to charge for any artwork time accrued upto the point of cancellation. Repeat orders using only the original "Free Design" are not deemed to carry any artwork overhead and can normally be cancelled without artwork cost.

Free Custom Design, Ownership and Copyright:
We hold copyright on any custom form designs whether wholly or partially conceptualised/originated by us but we agree that you may use any such design without restriction.
This means that you can take your custom form designs to another printer if you wish and have them modified and/or printed elsewhere without any copyright concerns.
However, we reserve ownership of our computer files and we may charge for access depending on circumstances.
We will never knowingly supply a third party with our computer files of artwork we have designed on your behalf.
We accept no liability for copyright issues when designing to your instructions. It is expected that you have obtained all relavent permissions and approvals. Consequently you agree to fully indemnify us against any copyright claims by any third party.

Confidentiality and Privacy:
We do not collect information beyond what we need to conduct our business.
We will never intentionally divulge any information you give us to any third party except when we need to do so in order to conduct our own business, or when we are required to do so by a legitimate authority.
We take reasonable care to protect your information against unauthorised access.
We do not collect or store your card details and online payments are taken through a payment portal, either HSBC Global Payments or Paypal.
Other than the payment portals mentioned we do not allow the collection of data via our website that can be used by any third party to identify or track you and we will not knowingly allow third parties to run code on our systems or your browser via our website.
We do not allow third party cookies or local storage and our site uses limited "Session Only" (non-persistent) cookies for the basket.
All requests to our website are automatically directed to secure pages, ie we effectively do not allow insecure connections.
Our website has no concept of "Account Login" and so we do not collect your passwords.
Click your browser padlock icon for more information.
If you wish to inspect or remove any of your data please email

Delivery Dates and Times :
Unforseen problems can occur at any time during the production and delivery of your job. For this reason any delivery date we give you is to be regarded as an estimated target date only.
The vast bulk of custom print work is despatched within 5-10 working days from order or within 7 working days of approval of proof.
Off the shelf "generic" printed items are ususally despatched within 2 days.
Delivery dates are not to be regarded as of the essence of an order.
Unless you have paid extra for timed delivery we have no control over the time of day when your goods will be delivered. Delivery could be at any time between 8.00am and 6.00pm. Our carrier will not leave goods without a signature.

Contract :
Contract between us shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law. Since we only accept work on the basis of the terms here stipulated any transaction between us shall be deemed to incorporate the above terms and conditions which shall take precedence over all other conditions unless we have agreed otherwise in writing.

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