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We are a specialist litho forms printer operating a highly streamlined production system.

We are not a general printer. We only produce forms - all description of forms on paper upto B2 size.

Specialisation leads to efficiency and savings

Because we only do one thing we can be devoted to doing that one thing very well.
The consequent cost savings allow us to deliver the best product available and still charge a lower price.

  • Whole Business Workflow Our IT is custom developed around our business model. Bespoke software is developed in-house allowing us to create a highly integrated and streamlined production workflow. From ordering, then throughout production to despatch and delivery. This results in fewer mistakes, less administrative overhead and fewer staff for increased throughput.
  • Specialised Equipment We have gathered over 30 tons of precision industrial grade equipment. All equipment is maintained in-house with our own machine shop and print engineering capabilities. This greatly reduces lifetime cost of ownership whilst maintaining peak production and output quality.
    We have planned equipment redundancy in order to maintain uninterrupted production flow.
  • Staff Specialisation Specialisation is again beneficial and leads to speed and efficiency. Our experienced staff have experienced everything in the world of forms production.
  • Bulk Buying Because we buy a lot of the same thing we buy it cheaper.
  • Business Model We don't maintain credit accounts and we don't carry debt. We do not rent. Our market is nationwide and this allows us economies of scale. We don't have a sales team and our policy is to actively minimise non-production staff levels. Our product sells itself and because it is reliable and because we rarely make mistakes there is very little after sales overhead.
    Consequently we are able to be deliberately more factory than office. We are about production and delivery. We think this is best - because customers are only interested in paying for what is produced and delivered.

On-site production capacity (A5 impressions per hour)

Print : 180,000 (cmyk and pantone)
Perforate : 96,000 (online and offline with crossperf)
Number : 82,000 (online rotary, offline rotary and pneumatic systems)
Collate : 80,000
We are capable of producing about 5 tons of print in a single day. We never do, but this significant capacity means you shouldn't find us "unable to cope".

Custom Printed NCR Books & Forms
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