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Though we will produce your artwork for you F.O.C. (if you are not a reseller) we are also happy for you to supply your own complete final artwork.

What is Complete Final Artwork?

Complete final artwork is a computer file that we can print without intervention.
This means that it is your responsibility to provide it in a useable, press-ready state and also understand that we will not check editorial content.

Preflight Checks and proofs.

We always check your files as part of the process and will send proofs at your request or our discretion.
If we send you a proof we will not print until you approve the final proof in writing.

Accepted Formats:-
  • Bitmap Formats.
    Tiff, PNG, jpeg.
    Recommended minimum 600 dpi. (lineart 1200dpi)
    CMYK, Pantone and monochrome/greyscale.
  • Vector Formats.
    PDF, EPS.
    Always embed all fonts or convert to curves.
    Flatten PDF.
    Minimum line width 0.25pt.
    CMYK, Pantone and monochrome/greyscale.
Help and Advice.

If you are unsure about something please ask.
Though we don't offer a free artwork consultancy, it is in everyone's interest that your job runs smoothly. So we will always help if we can.

Bleed and trim

We always print on oversize paper and guillotine as part of the process. This means you can bleed on any edge and also beyond the perforation
Please allow 2mm bleed and a 4mm safe zone.

Page Sizes and Perforation.

Please allow at least 15mm perforation stub WITHIN any page size.
For example, useable image area on an A4 headbound book would be 210mm x 282mm.
With bleed that gives 214mm x 286mm and applying the safe zone leaves you with 202mm x 274mm.
You can download final artwork pdf files from our template library for layout guidance.

Custom page dimensions.

We can produce forms of almost any dimensions you require.
Often we can maximise production efficiency and deliver significant savings with slight changes to the dimensions of custom jobs.
Please ask before creating your artwork if you need to produce large quantities of custom size forms.

Errors in your files.

We take every care when processing your files and will never knowingly print faulty work. We often spot errors in customer supplied files and will allow you to correct them. However responsibility for errors and omissions in your files is yours alone.
We only use industry standard equipment and software to process your files and it is your responsibility to ensure that your files work correctly with such systems.

Colour and colour matching.

We only accept CMYK, Pantone and monochrome/greyscale.
Please ensure that the required colour plates (and only the required colour plates) are in your files.
Unless you have a properly calibrated monitor don't try to match colours using your monitor. Especially do not attempt to match pantone colours on a monitor. Get a pantone book.
Although we use industry standard colour control systems there will be variations within a print run and also between print runs.
Ideally avoid using profiled RGB colour mappings, but if you do use a low dot gain, European offset, uncoated profile to match our equipment. For example, Euroscale or Eurostandard Uncoated.
If you are unsure of a pantone colour we can select the nearest matching colour for you if you send us a printed sample.
Though our colour matching and colour control is usually pretty good you should consider it to be of a ballpark standard only.
If you are unsure about colour please telephone for advice.

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